The State of the Dadabase

Recently in our home, we’ve had some upheaval.  My lovely wife was laid off of her job of a dozen years or so, it was announced that my position is being eliminated, and it left me without the resources I was used to having to edit videos or make posts. Some very kind individuals provided me with their laptops so that I could continue on with this passion project.  My ever-grateful thanks to Kathy Petersen, Brendan McCracken, and Mike Gardiner, who offered help even though it wasn’t ultimately needed.

So that led to some soul-searching. I had been given some money last year, and after some careful conversations with some supporters, I’ve invested in a new laptop to continue my hopes to give back to the world. It’s exactly that…. an investment in the future.

Since my last post, I’ve been able to post 2 videos, and have another filming session this week. Going forward, I hope to get back on track, and hopefully grow even further. Thank you to my supporters for bearing with me, and we’ll see what the future holds.


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