Episode VII: Andy Bell

Welcome back, everyone!

This is an extra large episode, and Andy was a more than accommodating guest, bringing a breadth of experience in his relatively short time as a parent. I first met Andy when he and his family moved in across the street from us. After a little over year later, they were on to new adventures in other neighborhoods, and chance or luck found us working for the same company. A conversation here and there, and the result is the episode you’re about to watch!

Follow Andy through a childhood with sometimes separated parents, the highs and lows of being a foster parent, and starting his own journey with his own children. He provides some awesome practical tips, and you might learn the origins of The Dadabase!

As always, thanks for supporting our cause. We’ve got some great episodes coming, and it all starts with this one!


His two boys: 1:00

The dangers that come with sharing a sense of humor: 1:30

Preschool Graduation: 3:25

Interactions between the kids: 4:20

Challenges in having a 5 and 2 year old: 6:40

How to connect and spend time: 10:22

Introducing a new baby to older siblings/Preparing for a new baby: 13:10

Agreements on sleep patterns: 17:35

Time off after the baby is born: 21:10

Surprise the kids at Disneyland / the value of good bosses: 23:00

Delayed Cheers : 25:00

Andy’s Upbringing : 26:50

Addictions: 33:32

Be there even if you aren’t needed: 35:45

Traits to be passed along: 40:15

Are you a better father than your dad: 49:00

How did you learn to be a dad? Resources? 53:40

Being a father figure before being a dad- foster parenting: 1:00:00

Neighbors! : 1:04:45

Being the sole voice of “No!” : 1:11:25

Aftermath and the difficulty of separating from foster kids: 1:16:45

How foster kids prepare for your own: 1:19:50

PRACTICAL TIP – Using a countdown 1:22:09

PRACTICAL TIP – Competition/Racing as a motivator 1:22:28

“The Talk”: 1:24:22

Advice for being a foster parent: 1:27:50

Wedding Traditions and blending families: 1:30:12

RapidFire Questions: 1:37:22

Where did The Dadabase come from? : 1:43:20

What do other dads need to know: 2:03:10

Handling work/life balance: 2:04:14

Message to the kids at home: 2:06:40

Favorite Dad Joke: 2:09:06

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