Episode VI: Restory VanRoy-Amundson . Happy (Belated) Father’s Day!

This one.

This is the little girl that launched me into fatherhood, and where it all began.

I have no regrets about her, but wish I could have given her so much more. You learn that as a parent it’s all about give and take. Most of the time it feels like you’re giving to them, and not getting much in return… but when you do get back, it’s overwhelming.

She’s taught me so much about myself and what it means to be a father. We made mistakes together along the way, and she shaped me to be the dad I am today. I love my little girl. Only, not so little now, and we talk about that journey from being a teen dad to now, including stops like going through divorce, and dating again, and some painful and bittersweet moments. She asks some hard and tough questions throughout, and we don’t leave anything behind.

This episode was supposed to go up last week, and I wasn’t able to edit it in time. So I figured, I’ll upload it during the week! Well, twice the upload dropped out, so we’ll have to settle for getting the episode up a week later. Despite that, I hope you enjoy our observance of Dad’s day.

1:08 What we are drinking
1:40 Her experiences with dad
3:10 Growing Pains (Show me that smile again….)
4:44 Favorite memories (http://www.espn.com/mlb/recap?gameId=220610109)
7:11 What is it like to be my dad?
9:17 Being a teen dad
12:11 Challenges in raising her
17:23 Raising children of a different faith
24:45 Raising children with depression
28:00 Hopes for the future
29:40 Fears of her growing up
30:33 How has being a dad changed your life?
32:32 Regrets on anything you missed out on?
33:13 Perks of having an adult daughter
36:42 Concerns about melding families
41:57 Describe your parenting approach
46:55 What are you most proud of me for?
51:25 conflicting loyalty for step parents
58:48 Dad is dating again
1:05:29 Advice for dating parents
1:07:00 Her favorite part our our relationship
1:17:00 Memories of us
1:20:00 Hardest thing to watch her go through
1:31:00 What traits does your boyfriend share with your father (and a tap dancing dog under the table)


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