Episode V: Mark Petersen

Happy father’s day to you and yours out there!

This was not the episode I wanted to post today. I have another one that was intended for today that I wasn’t able to have edited in time, but regardless, it IS new content.

Today, we have Mark Petersen (my father-in-law for full disclosure), and his insights on what happens when an adoption doesn’t work, what it was like growing up in WI, raising a daughter, and now as a grandfather. He’s reached the mountaintop that so many of us are aiming for.

In the meantime, I hope to have the intended episode up by next weekend. Thanks for tuning in!

1:58 – Love note to his daughter
4:35 – Ways of spending time
9:32 – How did having a daughter change you?
11:50 – Approach to parenting?
15:00 – Adoption and the trials when it doesn’t work
17:00 – Memories of growing up as a pastor’s son in WI
24:24 – Traits passed on
40:26 Changes over time for fatherhood
47:53 – Rapidfire questions
57:16 – advice for other dads

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