The Dadabase: Episode I

This episode was not intended to be the initial episode. Originally, I had another dad lined up and all set to be interviewed, and our schedules changed and couldn’t line up. I intended THAT episode to set of set the tone for what I want the Dadabase to be. (That interview is still coming somewhere down the pipeline.)

However, I thank whatever cosmic forces came together to allow me to spend time with my friend Derek for what I hope will become my life’s work. Derek’s story is an incredibly powerful one, that should move you to consider the place of dads in their children’s lives. His experience helps us all understand how vital a father can be to his children, and the challenges they face when a father is absent. Derek is living proof that the odds can be overcome, and I am proud to be his friend, and grateful beyond measure that he would share his thoughts and feelings in such a candid and honest manner. I hope that the lesson we all come away with is how important being a father is, and how much it can mean to simply be present, wether or not we’re needed.

As this project grows, I will grow with it. Hopefully we all will, for the better.

The second part of this conversation has yet to happen. We’ll provide a follow up to this conversation sometime in January. Please feel free to send any comments or questions in, and we’ll be sure to address them in that conversation.





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