The Dadabase: Episode II – Aaron

Our second episode contains a sit down with Aaron, who recently made the decision that, amongst other things, his commute was too long to justify the time away from home and family. This captures his penultimate day with his old employer, where we discuss the importance of a work life balance, the importance of husband/wife nacho balance, and father/son blame for flatulence. Aaron captures many of the traits of what it means to be a successful modern-day father. He gives great thought about what it means to support his children not only through his financial and material support (food, clothing, shelter, etc.), but also the emotional support in today’s society. His hopes for his child are driven by what his child wants, and not by his own presumptions or prejudices.

Watch for the GAS-tronomic tips on ideal nachos and the best way to drink beer from a boot; stay for the discussion of what we look forward to passing along to our children.

This episode’s question for our audience: What is your favorite song that involves fathers?

Upcoming episodes are just around the corner! We have a bonus episode with part 2 of our conversation with Derek, and Episode III should be available before Mid January!

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