The Dadabase: Bonus episode! – Derek, Part II

When Derek and I filmed the first episode, we ran out of time and memory on my recording device. We both found that we still had a lot to get off of our chest and unpack. So it was little surprise when a couple weeks later, Derek told me…”We NEED to do another episode”. And so here it is. We don’t hold back on any of it, and have a real talk about the role of fathers in their children’s lives. We talk about the fight single parents and especially single moms face without a father in the picture. We bandy about multiple ideas and topics, and dig real deep into Derek’s life without his dad, and who were the people who at least tried to fill a small part of that gap, and helped make him who he is today. And you hear straight from Derek the advice he has to other fathers out there willing to listen. If you enjoyed our first episode, you’ll certainly love this one. Grab a drink and join us for another round!

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